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Our Mission

We are committed to providing comprehensive, competent, quality care which addresses the physical, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions of care as an integrated whole, optimizes comfort and dignity and is consistent with the patient and family needs and goals, with the patient’s needs and goals as priorities.

In essence, we seek to maximize the quality of life of our patients, to provide comfort, preserve dignity and to keep them out of the emergency rooms as best as possible. Our priority is the patient and their family.

We recognize dying as a natural, inevitable process when curative therapy is no longer effective.
We seek neither to hasten nor prolong the dying process.
We believe that palliative care and sensitivity to individual needs will allow dying patients to have full and rewarding lives until death.
We support family and friends during the patient’s illness and assist them after the patient’s death through the bereavement program.

Exceed patient/family expectations by providing the highest standards of care.
Respect dignity and enhance the quality of life.
Relieve pain and other symptoms.
Include the patient and their family/caregiver in the plan of care.
Assist the patient in meeting individual goals.
Help the patient and family develop effective coping mechanisms.
Provide an atmosphere of comfort and compassion while helping patients, their families and loved ones deal with the emotional impact of death.

We use a team approach to provide patients with comprehensive care regardless of the complexity of their situations. Our goal is to ensure that each patient is provided end-of-life care that is as pain free as possible. We strive to preserve the dignity of each patient during these final moments.


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